Chelsea 2-0 Blackburn: Points learned from the Carabao Cup game, the Blues roared and returned happiness to the fans – FEATURE

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• Chelsea defeated Blackburn Rovers 2-0
• Returned to regain good form. There were satisfactory results for the fans again.
• Successfully advanced to the final 8 of the Carabao Cup and have a chance to go all the way.

Chelsea 2-0 Blackburn: Points learned from the Carabao Cup game, the Blues roared and returned happiness to the fans - FEATURE

Programme: Football Carabao Cup Round 4
Match date: Wednesday 1 November 2023
Stadium: Stamford Bridge
Result: Chelsea 2-0 Blackburn Rovers

I’m going to die

It’s clear that Mauricio Pochettino “wants” the trophy as a way to boost the ทางเข้า ufabet team’s morale in difficult times. When going to win Champions League tickets with someone, he probably won’t be able to handle it, and most importantly, Chelsea needs to win this match. After the most recent brave loss to Brentford at home.

That makes it in today’s starting 11. There are as many as 7 main players from Saturday’s game: Robert Sanchez, Marc Cugureya, Axel Disasi, Connor Gallagher, Raheem Sterling, Cole Palmer and Nicholas Jackson

Also have to add Enzo Fernandez who has recovered from his injury. The same goes for team captain Reece James.

In this event, I don’t care what league the competitors are from. Brother Sing is going to kill you!

11 years of history

Between Chelsea and Blackburn Rovers, of course the first name that comes to mind is Chris Sutton, the legendary striker who won the Premier League with the Fire Roses. Then moved to Chelsea at one point and there was also Damien Duff or Graeme Le Saux as well .

We have to dig up history to remember because Blackburn Rovers have been relegated for so many years that we can hardly count on our fingers.

That made the last time Blackburn visited Stamford Bridge go back 11 years ago — at the end of the 2011/12 season, Chelsea slaughtered the home team 2-1 with a goal from John Terry and Raul Meireles

Don’t ask who the players on the team from that day still remain until today. When almost all of them had already hung up their boots. The only ones left seem to be Romelu Lukaku , who was still a 19-year-old young striker that day.

There are many different levels.

A lot to a lot. This is how Chelsea are not at the top spot. Still finding light work from Blackburn.

Statistics at the end of the first half It’s clear where this game will end when Chelsea have 65:35% possession, 10:3 more shots and 4:0 more shots on target.

Until Blackburn’s Jon Dahl Tomasson created a chance to finish right on target. It was already late and Chelsea left the score 2-0 before the big break.

That is the point where Pochettino can order the team to play with a score. Gradually change the reserves to rest the main players after that.

Aggressive and tangible Receive comfortably, no worries.

You may have to shake your head at the last 2 Premier League games with only one point. But not with this game. that the offensive line creates tangible results The defensive line played comfortably with no worries.

Raheem Sterling should have to play with confidence, flashes and “press the formula” like today in every game, worthy of the price Chelsea invested and having the best player degree in England during the era. One time (while at Manchester City)

Cole Palmer did a great job today, as Pochettino praised him before the game, or Connor Gallagher, Enzo Fernandez , two backs, Reece James – Mark Gugureya is considered to be playing well.

As for the defensive game, no need to talk about it. Even if we play for another 3 days, I don’t know if Blackburn will score at least one goal.

What will be frustrating from this game? Well, the old one… Nicholas Jackson, whose performance was a poor 4/10 or 5/10, no more than that

The important thing is that Pochettino has no other choice when Armando Broya is injured again. He is considered the true pioneer of the Mosquito bones.

I repeat that this cup is a chance.

I told you from the last round that Chelsea has a chance to win this championship. When looking at many factors

For this game, it is considered a good confidence building match. with light competitors It’s a team from the minor league. It was clear that the quality couldn’t compete and Chelsea easily passed into the final 8.

Moreover, with the situation of the other pairs being quite favorable, Chelsea does not need to be afraid of anyone in the next round.

Especially if things are in order, if you don’t care, Singha will go to the end of the road.