Do you know this? Important symbols in playing online slots

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    Do you know this. Important symbols in playing online slots. A misconception that makes people who learn to play slots think so far. Hot is that we will win online slots games only when the same symbols are arranged in a straight line. Now, when I come across other special symbols that are not familiar to the face. I have problems thinking that I won’t get the prize even though it lacks only one main symbol. When I come across this often, I quit playing and stubbornly have it.

Today, I’m going to take everyone to know the different symbols on the slot game, what they are, how they are used, and what features are there. so that there is no need to sit with a hot head anymore As for anyone who thinks they know or understand, they can read on. I think we’re going to review the basics together, it’s fun.

Do you know this? Important symbols in playing online slots

Wild symbol (Wind)

This one can be regarded as a true spinner favorite. Some even call it the “Joker” for its unique feature that it can replace any symbol (except the scatter symbol) as long as it stays on the payline. And when combined with other symbols, if the conditions of the payline are met, it is considered a win.

For example, a 5-reel slot game has a payout condition that requires us to spin the cherry on every reel. (All 5 reels of cherries) If the 1st wheel is wild, the 2nd wheel is cherry, the 3rd wheel is wild, the 4th wheel is cherry and the 5th wheel is cherry. Winning is like getting a cherry image on 5 reels.

And did you know that in addition to replacing these symbols? Wild symbols can also do other things depending on the UFABET game. Which we have to study together to see what each game can do with this symbol.

Scatter symbol ( Scatter)

Let’s come to everyone’s favorite symbol. That’s the scatter symbol. That’s cool because this symbol is comparable to bonuses. The more it forms itself, the more powerful the bonus it receives. Best of all, this symbol doesn’t have to be in the payline to be able to work as well.

For example, if we hit 1 time 3 scatter symbols, but no wild symbols or necessary symbols are present on the payline. What we will get is free spins that can be up to 20 free spins, the most I have ever come across is 5, which means that in that round we received up to 100 free spins, which can be considered worthwhile. More than worth it However, the amount of free spins you get depends on how much. online casino How will the conditions be set?

Another special feature of the scatter symbol is that UNLOCKING BONUS OR FEATURES AS BONUS It also triggers the Progressive Jackpot. Most of these symbols are found in 5-reel slots.

Bonus symbol (Bonus)

Bonuses are generally triggered by scatter symbols. Except for some slot games where bonus symbols are added separately. As for the bonus features, they are randomly different. Available from free spins Inducing a progressive jackpot, and much more, depending on what the developer wants it to do. including bonus conditions

Although the bonus features are not as powerful as the wild symbol. and scatter symbol But it is a symbol that many people have been waiting for. Because the properties obtained are random. I don’t know what I will get this round. Some games are also stacked bonuses. The more new games, the more exciting features you can play without getting bored. from receiving bonuses and can be used It has changed to find tools for opening bonuses. Of course, we have to keep spinning the slots for each other while we are looking for this special tool. Still have another chance to win other prizes and when the tools are met according to the conditions, we may win a big prize. Or if you’re lucky enough to find a progressive jackpot, who knows?

How are you doing with the 3 special symbols that brought us together today? which is not too difficult for our understanding From now on, instead of just placing bets, pressing spin and sitting and waiting, we have something fun to think about while playing. Instead of sitting and pressing and spinning aimlessly. Importantly, this time, no matter what strange and strange symbols come into the pay line, they will not be hot anymore. because we already know which symbol is But do not forget to study the information of online slots games before playing. Because sometimes the symbols of the same name may have different images. Otherwise, he went back to sit with his head hot, saying online casino Definitely cheating again