Rice Garage! Sponsor pressures ‘Ghost’ to keep ‘Ronaldo’ at the team

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The main supporters of Manchester United do not want the team to sell Cristiano Ronaldo. Leaving the team this summer because it may affect product sales

English Premier League side Manchester United have been linked. The club’s main supporters wanting to keep Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo. Stay with the team for the remainder of the contract season. Due to marketing reasons that sell more products to the point of agreeing to help pay the wages. This veteran star player ever.

Rice Garage! Sponsor pressures 'Ghost' to keep 'Ronaldo' at the team

So far the 37-year-old forward has not returned to training with the team since Monda. Citing family reasons. Did not join the warm-up trip to Asia and Australia amid reports that News wants to leave Old Trafford this summer. Because he wants to play in the UEFA Champions League and is not satisfied with the reduction of wages due to the inability to take the UFABET team to play at UCLA in the new season.

Recently, the main sponsors of the Red Devils have come out to pressure the club to stay. Portugal national team captain to stay with the team Ready to help pay wages that are as high as 500,000 pounds per week, or about 21.5 million baht, because it is seen that if Ronaldo is able to create value and sell products according to the goals set 

While United remain relaxed with the situation. Because the player still has a contract , CR7 has not said anything about it himself, but it is said that his agent , George Mendes, is in contact with several clubs to make the move. team The team that is currently in the news is Chelsea looking for a replacement for Romelu Lukaku, who returns to Inter on loan. But leaving it to league rivals is probably not a good way to go.

As for Bayern Munich have already rejected the grab, while Paris Saint-Germain. Was spending a lot of money on a contract with Kylian Mbappe, the French national team striker. There are not many options left, which is not certain that the final News may choose to return to football with the old agency Real Madrid . In the Spanish league again it is possible.