Scholes mocks Ten Hag’s five new rules for Man Utd players

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Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has mocked five new iron rules. Man Utd manager Eric Ten Hag has put in place for all players to follow.

Scholes mocks Ten Hag's five new rules for Man Utd players

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has mocked Erik ten Hag as the new manager of the Red Devils. His new five strict rules for players. The former Ajax head coach Ten Hag took over this summer. After a bad season under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralph Rangnick last season. The club finished 6th and failed to win the trophy to decorate the UFABET team.

Ten Hag has not officially managed the team to compete in the game. But he has a lot of work to do. With a number of high-profile players leaving Old Trafford in recent weeks. Including Paul Pogba and the team’s big superstar Chris Stiano Ronaldo is looking for a new club. Recently, a report from the Daily Mirror revealed that the new manager has set Five additional golden rules that all players must abide by include a ban on alcoholic beverages during match weeks and a ban on personal chefs. is to eat food that the chefs of the club have arranged to cook instead of the private chefs who used to

         The third law is Players will be dropped from the first team or the starting XI if they are late for training or a team meeting. Regardless of where the famous or successful player came from. While he will keep an eye on the weight of the players in the team. by checking Body Mass Index (BMI) , a weekly measurement of weight and height balance to ensure that his players are in good shape. 

         The fifth and perhaps most important rule is The fact that every player’s complaint through him and his Manchester United players is not allowed to speak to agents or other sources. when they are not happy Therefore, in case the players in the team have any doubts or doubts, go to the manager before talking to the agent. in this way The Dutch boss wants to build a strong bond with the players. And to cut the problem of leaking information to the media, which often happens every time the player has a problem with the agency.

         After becoming aware of the rules, Manchester United hero Scholes, who won 11 Premier League titles, three FA Cups and two Champions League titles at Old Trafford. He shared his thoughts on the new rules via social media, posting an Instagram story about the news with a shrugged emoji and the caption, “I’m not sure I could handle it without my personal chef and no agent to listen to the moan,” while a report from Brazil reveals that Manchester United are willing to sell Ronaldo for £13 million.