5 foods to “reduce” for quick weight loss

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Heavy weight loss comes with exercise and diet. Which if you want to lose weight urgently In medical practice, it may not be recommended. But there are 5 foods that can be reduced. It will help you lose weight more quickly. but not destroying the body

Dr. Thawatpong Sawatkitpairoj or Dr. Nueng, owner of the Facebook page Dr. Nueng: Healthy Hero. Gave advice on 5 foods that should be reduced for quick weight loss as follows UFABET.

5 foods to "reduce" for quick weight loss

food to reduce when wanting to lose weight

One doctor suggested that Foods that those who want to lose weight should reduce Is starchy and starchy foods 5 things that should be reduced, namely

  1. rice

We may have heard that if you want to lose weight should eat brown rice Or riceberry rice. The reason is that both types of rice have grains in them. It is a grain of rice that still has a husk and fiber, helping to slow down the absorption of sugar into the body. cause the body to have sugar levels that are not too high and the body can use energy from fat as well

But if you don’t eat brown rice or Riceberry Eat only white rice, it’s okay. You should reduce the amount of rice you eat less, for example, from 3 scoops of rice to 1 scoop, including limiting other starchy foods, such as refraining from eating starchy fruits. After meals, such as bananas, including reduce the amount of rice in the evening, etc.


Noodle shops tend to offer a lot of noodles made from flour. Including various machines In noodles that may be made from flour, such as meat ball noodles. Which has more starch than meat protein. Therefore should reduce the noodles. For example, reduce the amount by half Or eat with protein such as noodles + red pork Spaghetti + minced pork, etc.

  1. bread

Many people may choose to eat whole wheat bread. The benefits of whole wheat bread as well as brown rice. because there are grains mixed with it thus helping the body to have low blood sugar levels and allow the body to use energy from fat. However, eating whole-wheat bread also requires a reasonable limit. You shouldn’t eat too much.

In addition, you should reduce the amount of bread you eat, for example, from eating 3 pieces to 1 piece or 1 half piece and not eating other starchy foods.

4.root vegetables

Root vegetables such as taro, potatoes, corn, pumpkin are vegetables that contain a lot of starch. Therefore should not eat too much, for example, 1 ear of corn gives the same amount of starch as 2 scoops of rice, so the amount of these root vegetables should be reduced. And do not overeat with flour in the main meal, for example, do not eat corn after eating, etc.


Fruits are naturally starchy and sugary. can be digested into sugar Therefore should avoid or reduce fruits that are high in sugar such as durian, ripe mango, longan, etc.

However, weight loss through diet control It’s not a complete refrain from starch or sugar. But it’s an inappropriate limitation. don’t give too much To allow the body to draw energy from the fat that accumulates in the body to use first. Therefore, it will make the weight loss results sustainable and real.