“Constipation” is more dangerous than feeling uncomfortable.

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Have you ever felt uncomfortable and insecure about yourself in the morning? Get up, walk, sit, do whatever you do. completely uncomfortable Perhaps those physical discomforts It may be caused by “constipation”, the problem you are overlooking.

"Constipation" is more dangerous than feeling uncomfortable.

Do you know the symptoms of “constipation”?

Constipation is a common health condition that can happen to anyone. all genders and ages You can detect abnormalities by yourself. Especially if you haven’t had a bowel movement for 3 days or more and feel that it’s difficult to excrete. and more difficult each time have to exert force in pushing Many helpers have to be used to excrete, and when the stool comes out, it is found that the stool comes out less, dry and hard. If this is the case It can be assumed early that you may be constipated.

Why do we have constipation?

Many people may only understand that Constipation is caused by eating habits alone. but in reality There are many causes of constipation. And most of them come from our everyday behavior, almost all of which are

changes in daily living patterns During the journey travel There are changes in eating and sleeping that cause abnormal body functions. Intestinal function may decrease. Constipation from this cause is very common, but many people may not be aware of it. daily life behavior inappropriate Eating a diet of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, eating less dietary fiber not drinking enough water behavior of modern people Less physical activity, sitting for a long time, or not exercising Other physical conditions such as pregnancy, mental conditions such as stress, eating disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder can alleviate “constipation”.

Proper constipation relief

  1. change behavior
  2. Finding the Right Help to make the intestines The excretory system works normally as much as possible.

adjusting your daily living habits You can do this as follows:

  1. Eat the right foods, such as nuts, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, or bran.
  2. drink more water
  3. increase physical activity during the day Don’t just sit still.
  4. exercise regularly
  5. Deal with the stress you are facing.
  6. Choose the right laxative to help with bowel movements.

How do laxatives help with bowel movements?

after modifying lifestyle behavior. But constipation is still not better, for example, 50% of people who are on a trip, such as during Songkran holidays. There is a change in eating patterns, sleeping patterns, body functions are hindered. the intestines work less Many people therefore need to use laxatives to aid in excretion. which examples of laxatives available in the market such as

Groups that increase dietary fiber such as fiber, grains, groups that increase intestinal water soften the stool Groups that increase intestinal peristalsis to help excrete, such as bisacodyl.

For taking a laxative containing a drug called Bisacodyl (Bisacodyl) when taken in the amount and time recommended by your doctor or pharmacist. The drug acts to stimulate bowel movements and peristalsis, as well as increasing the amount of water and minerals in the intestines. make the stools begin to soften and excrete Laxatives take effect within 6-12 hours of taking them, so you can take an anti-constipation medication before going to bed to have a bowel movement in the morning. 

Notice that after the excretory system starts working. The next round of excretion will begin to return to normal more easily. 

the belief that When to use laxatives I will have to use laxatives forever. Inability to excrete by myself anymore may not be correct. Words that have been said to each other like this. Therefore, many people choose to overlook laxatives or cure constipation. In spite of the fact Experts agree that laxatives were invented to solve problems with bowel movements. 

and the use of laxatives in moderation in an appropriate period according to the advice of a doctor and pharmacist contributes to the functioning of the excretory system and constipation improved. It’s better than leaving constipation. 

But… Excessive use of drugs or taking drugs for too long consecutively will cause problems with the functioning of the excretory system

The belief that If using laxatives will help reduce that weight. Experts say it’s just an old belief, because laxatives can’t cause weight loss. Because it works in the intestines before the laxative enters the body. The small intestine has absorbed almost all the nutrients and energy. Causing laxatives to not affect the absorption of nutrients or any condition that will cause weight loss

What happens if constipation is not resolved quickly?

The negative effects on the body include:

  • There are many food residues left in the intestines.
  • less work of the excretory system
  • Eat food, but the intestines are still not squeezed out.
  • Hard stools and may become difficult to excrete if left for a long time.

negative effect on feelings

Many people tend to choose to overlook such problems. do not change lifestyle behavior or not looking for a helper to alleviate symptoms because of the understanding that “It will disappear on its own”, but in reality If constipation is allowed to continue indefinitely There may be a risk of many chronic diseases such as hemorrhoids. fecal obstruction fecal incontinence Or it may be so serious that it is at risk of colon cancer , which at that time minor constipation problems that you have always overlooked It may become a health problem that is dangerous to the body. And fixing it to normal is more difficult than before.

when constipation begins Get treatment early

having good excretory health without problems You can start on your own. just adjust the mind change lifestyle was able to overcome constipation and not bother you